365 – End

I suppose it may have made more sense to have started the blog when I started the 365 project last year.  The entire project is up on my Facebook page, but here are some of the last photos of the project.    It feels weird to not have the obligation to take a photo every … Continue reading

Cattle Drive

This past Saturday we had a cattle drive — my very first one! I worked very hard moving the cattle to another field.  <– Joke. 😉  I did photograph it though and that’s what this post is going to consist of.  I avoid taking photos when it’s super bright, near midday or midday like it’s … Continue reading

Think Red

This morning as I was getting my breakfast ready I was inspired to take some “red” themed photos today.  These three were my favorites.  Although red isn’t my favorite color, I think it is gorgeous.  It’s such a vibrant and eye-catching color! 🙂 

Snap Shots

Guess whose favorite fruit is the banana? I’ll give you a hint: she’s in the background! 😉Sitting backwards on a chair.  Such a rebel.Lunch time .

Simple Tuesday


My little darling. This afternoon she came trotting happily out of her bedroom with her sunglasses on so we took a bunch of photos with her and her sunglasses.  Our little photo shoot ended with a hair band and tutu, haha.  At the end of it she decided she want to play with the headband … Continue reading

365 – Coming to an End

 The end of my 365 project is coming up soon.  Every time I post a photo to the album on Facebook I look at the very first photo I took for the project. I’m amazed at the difference between the first and last photo every time, and I know I’ll improve more and more with … Continue reading